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Columbia Chiropractor | Dr. John Adams

I know, I know, “Why chiropractic?,” friends and patients alike will and have asked that question. Why didn’t you choose to be a “real doctor?” All I can say is, bless my parents for their beliefs and for introducing me to chiropractic at a young age…

Columbia Chiropractor,

Columbia Chiropractor, Dr John Adams

I suffered a severe neck injury as a sophomore in high school playing football, but being “young and indestructible,” I didn’t recognize it right away. First came the headaches and neck stiffness, which of course I ignored. Next, once I began working the following summer (6-8 months later) I got the full effect of my “stiff neck,” and my arms didn’t work so well when I raised them over my head. My parents saw a chiropractor regularly, and so that is where my treatment started.

I was instantly drawn to chiropractic care because of the immediate results and how thorough the doctor was in his examination and explanation of my condition. I was hooked, you could get sick people well while working with your hands! I loved carpentry and thought that would be my calling, but my sail was set for chiropractic from that point forward. Chiropractors and chiropractic should be the “doctor of choice” if you want to find out how to achieve optimal health and function.

A Chiropractic Education

I chose Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri after a very impressive campus tour and on the basis that a high school classmate was going to attend there at the urging of his brother, who was near graduation. The entire curriculum was challenging, but I think the most valuable time I spent was in human anatomy. The idea of being able to see the human body and it’s many intricacies “in my minds eye” has been of great service to me in diagnosing and treating my patients. I was so intrigued that I signed on as a teaching assistant for four more trimesters to help teach others and further my own knowledge.

Personal Life

I am the proud single Dad of four wonderful children ranging from middle school age to the “twenty somethings.” My oldest is married and an officer in our Army. Kacie, my eldest daughter and also married, is a licensed massage therapist and has her business Body Bliss Massage, LLC is in my office, while Kendall, my younger daughter, is working her way through high school and looking to pursue chiropractic herself. My youngest, Kolby, is busy like most his age with school, sports and his favorite video games. In the event Kendall pursues her dreams, my practice (hopefully our practice) will truly be a family affair with both girls working with their Dad.

We busy ourselves with many pursuits, but especially love the beauty of and the many things to do in our state. We love fishing, hunting, hiking, seeing the many historical sites, and floating our many beautiful streams. I have introduced the kids to the shooting sports and we love to shoot, hunt and especially water-fowling. The two youngest are very involved in softball and baseball, so we have quite busy summer months.

Well enough about me! We need to know about you and how we can start your journey toward better health and optimal function! How can we help you decide to pursue today’s safe and natural chiropractic care? Give us a call or email me directly using the link below and let’s get started exploring you options for achieving better health.